Labor Cost Control


WOTC and WETC Services

Labor Cost Control provides the complete array of tax credit services for all the federal tax credit programs, from the basic Work Opportunity Tax Credit ($2,400 federal credit), to the more lucrative Welfare to Work Credit (currently $10,000). We also do the Enterprise Zone, Renewal Community, and Renewal County credits, and also handle the piggyback state credits for those states that have them. For example, New York has the WETC credit for hiring the handicapped, which mimics the federal law, but is solely targeted to the handicapped population.

Changing Landscape

One of the main reasons for using a consultant is that we follow the legislation closely. We have adjusted to the many changes to the programs over the years, as well as the changing operational procedures. The current law, extended to 2014, is a vastly different program than existed 10 years ago. The law is adjusted to labor market realities. it has never been this attractive. For example, any person between the ages of 18 to 39 need only receive as little as $10.00 a month in food stamps to qualify. The tax credit poster is found in every financial aid office in every community college in the country.

​Tax Credit Hotline

We provide live interviewers who are experts in the law who answer the phone on the first ring, seven days a week, until 11:00PM, Eastern Standard Time. Your managers do not have to do any pre-screening; We do the entire interview, and complete all three government forms, and do the filings for you. Thus, your managers do not need to know a thing about the program. This full service program does not break down, even if you have turnover at the store level. Our employees have been here for years, and once you start, it is like riding a bicycle. One longtime franchisee called it “Dialing for Dollars.”

We pledge to never use an electronic winnowing system, which causes a precipitous drop in tax credit totals. You will always talk to live interviewers, and we strive to keep the average interview to under twenty seconds. This will not slow your managers down at all.

Current Federal Tax Credits Available

Qualified Welfare Recipients (18 months)      $10,000

Qualified Welfare Recipients (9 months)        $2,400
Qualified Veteran                                                $2,000
Qualified Food Stamps Recipient                    $2,400
Vocational Rehabilitation                                  $2,400
SSI Recipient                                                       $2,400
Qualified Ex-Felon                                              $2,400
Designated Community Resident (Zone)       $2,400
Summer Youth Employee (Zone)                     $2,400